The Anatomy of Golf Clubs

As simple as they look, golf clubs are not only sticks with heads one needs to use to hit golf balls with. Every material, every angle, and every measurement of these sticks are calculated and chosen specifically to make that one hit count, making a golf ball move to the right places.

The club wouldn’t be complete without its parts. The general parts of this kind of equipment are the shaft and the club head. There are other parts are the grip, hosel, and ferule.

The shaft is the longest part of the club that connects the head to the part where the player holds the whole piece. Throughout history, there were different materials used in the construction of the shaft. The original shafts were made from more flexible and softer woods, such as ash and hazel wood. Different types of wood were then used, as designed by makers like Robert Forgan. Robert Forgan used American hickory instead of ash and hazel wood. Later on, during the 1900s, steel shafts were starting to become popular after the Prince of Wales ordered his golf clubs to be made of steel with his own specifications. Shafts made from steel completely dominated the shafts made from wood after the introduction of the golf ball with a core made of rubber, the Haskell ball.

golf clubsNowadays, aside from metals, like steel in particular, carbon fiber composite is also used to make the shaft. The shaft is around 0.5 inches in diameter adjacent to the grip, and then tapers down to the head. Its length is around 34 to 48 inches and it weighs around 45 to 150 grams. Different materials have different weights, thus the weight of the shaft depends on the material used. A lighter the shaft, such as in the case of carbon fiber composite, will allow a faster swing. Aside from the material and the size of the shaft, the other properties that the shaft has that are important for its function are flexibility and twist. Flexibility is the extent at which the shaft could bend to upon being given a load. The more flexible the shaft is, the less power is needed to hit the golf ball and to reach a longer distance (compared to a more rigid shaft that requires more power for hitting the golf ball and reaching the same distance). The twist is also a function of the flexibility of the shaft, but it pertains more to the effect on the shaft due to torque.

At the far ends of the golf clubs are the grip and the head. The grip is the part wherein the player holds the club and opposite of that end is the head. Before, the grip is composed of leather wrappings in the shaft. Nowadays, the grip is a one-piece material covering the end of the shaft, glued with a strong adhesive. The usual materials used now for the grip are rubber or synthetic materials. The head is the part which hits the golf ball. Before, hardwood such as cherry, beech, and apple wood are used to make the head, after which American Persimmon was used because of the invention of the “guttie” golf ball made from the gutta-percha trees. Then came the use of steel. These heads usually have only one side used to strike the ball, but in some cases, they have two sides. Both sides should have the same characteristics.

The hosel is the part where the head is attached to the shaft. Ferrule is on top of hosel, forming a continuous look from the shaft to the hosel.

One will definitely lose a certain percentage of function when one loses a limb or part or their body. Similar to a golf club, it looks like a whole piece because it certainly must be a single unit as mandated by the rules of golf but with some of its parts gone; it will surely lose its function. For no matter how good a golf player is, that individual will not be able to play golf without golf clubs.

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Live Chat Software: Why Apex is Your Best Choice

These past few years, the internet has been a significant driving force for many businesses. This is especially true for those that have integrated live chat software into their company websites. Aside from providing convenient and real-time solutions for troubled customers, live chat has also increased conversion rates and sales.

If you are thinking of using live chat as a medium for customer service, then you can rely on Apex Chat to give you what your business needs. While there are other available software out there, Apex Chat is one of the most trusted live chat solutions not only because of its convenient set-up but its customizable features as well.

Why Go for Live Chat?

live chatOne of the ways to improve your presence on the World Wide Web is through online advertising, but this can be expensive and the inbound traffic from ads does not always guarantee a successful transaction. Although your target market is just out there waiting to be found, you should already have a plan on how to convert your website visitors into contacts and eventually into loyal customers.

When customers go through a website’s online catalog, they may have questions that need immediate answers. Live chat is a convenient way for them to get in touch with the company, and it also increases a customer’s engagement during the shopping phase. This is what Apex Chat aims to help you with. Its goal is to improve the conversion rates from your advertising clicks by providing visitors with proper guides into the company’s products, services, and buying process.

On the average, Apex Chat’s clients have reported a 25 to 30% increase in leads and sales upon adding live chat software to their company website.

Software Features
• Web-based Agent Dashboard

Apex Chat’s agent dashboard is developed for highly efficient chat processing. This live chat software is web-based to make it easier to process chats no matter where you are. You no longer need to install or download software to access chat transcripts.

• Cloud-based SaaS Platform

All you need to do is to insert a script into your website to get the live chat software running.

• Multiple Chat Agents

Chats for your company can be managed and monitored by multiple chat agents at a time.

• Conversion and Traffic Reports

Businesses have access to data about their website visitors, chats, and leads. Reports can be extracted from this information and as a result, it gives more room for improvement.

• Custom Branding

Apex Chat gives you the freedom to put your company logo, contact information, and photos on your chat windows.

• Customizable Chat Window

You can also change the look and feel of chat windows according to your business’ image. It’s up to you if you wish to place marketing messages and other links here and there.

Software Set-up

Apex Chat is very convenient to set up. You first have to select the plan that is the most appropriate for your business needs. Once a plan has been selected, the Apex Chat team will analyze your website and consult with you so that custom responses and chat widgets can be created for your website. Afterwards, a code snippet will be provided and all you simply add them to your web pages. When the set-up is completed, Apex will be able to monitor your website and send you leads in real-time through e-mail, text messages, or phone.


Many businesses have now put up websites these days. Some of Apex Chat’s clients are dental clinics, auto dealerships, realtors, gold coin sellers, travel agencies, movers, and plastic surgeons.

Indeed, businesses can experience a lot of benefits from installing live chat software. If you are interested in integrating live chat into your website, Apex Chat is a great option for small and big businesses alike.

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White Hat Search Engine Optimization: The Legitimate Way

Search engine optimization or SEO is one good way of establishing the presence of your website. Most websites benefit from having many visitors and this can be achieved through getting top positions in search results. SEO helps a site get to the first page of search engine return pages (SERPs).

Like many things, there are good and bad approaches when it comes to SEO. Techniques are distinguished between white hat and black hat SEO.

White Hat SEO Company consists of the legitimate techniques that help a site get high search result rankings.

White Hat Search Engine OptimizationSearch engines file webpages in relation to keywords. Keywords are the terms that a user will type in a search engine’s search bar when looking for something. These are terms that are relevant to the web page’s content. As an example, if a page is about photo editing, “photo editing”, “digital painting”, and “photo manipulation” are keywords. In contrast, “essay writing” is not a keyword since it has no relevance.

The usual method with which SEO Company determine the keyword content of pages is through computer programs that are called “spiders” or “crawlers”. These programs “crawl” through web pages noting keywords that appear often and in key sections of the page. They categorize them based on this analysis. That means search engines determine what a page is about through keywords and phrases.

So, what you need to do is to just fill up your web pages with lots and lots of keywords relevant to the subject matter. Wrong. It’s not about blind quantity but actually quality. Keywords should be used frequently but not too much. The thing to keep in mind is the placement.

The title of your web page should definitely contain the main keyword. For the earlier example here, a good title might be “Photo Editing 101”.

The headers are another crucial keyword points. If your web page is divided into a number of sections, it is a good idea to make use of header tags with relevant keywords. Again, for the example, good headers might include “Photo Editing Basics” or “Photo Editing Tips”.

It is a good idea to spread keywords throughout the page. However, be careful not to overuse keywords. The sample site would surely mention “photo editing” numerous times, but it should also include supporting keywords like “color replacement” or “brightness level adjustment”. If a keyword is present too many times, search engine spiders could flag the page as spam.

Aside from keywords, search engines also weigh sites using link analysis. Even if a site has good frequency and placement of keywords, it doesn’t cement its quality as a good information resource. Link analysis checks how many external web pages link back to the page.

For our example, if the search engines see that numerous other web pages about photo editing link back to the pages of the site, they would likely give a higher rank to the page. In particular, Google establishes the quality of a link depending on the rank of the linking pages. That means if the pages linking to your pages have high SERP ranks, they give higher boosts to your rankings as well compared to lower rank pages.

To make people link to your site and its individual pages, half of the battle is won if you have valuable content. If they find your content useful, then they would more likely link to your site. To get more, you can offer link exchanges. Just be sure that you are exchanging links with a relevant site. Irrelevant sites linking to yours would do more harm than good. High Quality SEO Company

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Business Websites Need SEO Tools in Order To Survive

search engine optimization techniquesYou definitely want to watch your small business grow. There are some online tools that you can start using today. One of the best tools to promote your products and services is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

A SEO tool is a type of software that businesses use in order to provide detailed statistics and analyzed data that show where their website ranks in the popular search engines. That way, you know how many potential customers are viewing your website.

If it is not too high, you can take the necessary steps to improve your ranking. Those steps include adding more keywords into the content of your website or creating a business website on the popular social media websites.

The whole point of these SEO tools is to get your business noticed. Getting noticed is much more difficult in the recent years, because each day brings more and more websites on the World Wide Web.

Besides SEO, you also can use email marketing and social networking marketing. Your main focus is to grab people’s attention enough in order to showcase your products and services. You need to think of creative ways in order to achieve this.

It is a well-known fact that every business owner needs to focus on marketing strategies. That starts out with Search Engine Optimization and coming up with the proper keywords. You can also work on your website and promoting it on popular social media websites. You may want to continue with email marketing and other marketing strategies. The number one priority is to grab people’s attention. Your website is only successful if you get people to notice you.

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